Anti-Slip Shower Tray Information
With today’s ageing population, an anti-slip shower tray is an ideal way to prolong independence in the home. However it isn’t the only reason to consider an anti-slip shower tray. For younger children, their first tentative steps into a shower enclosure can be equally daunting.  With our almost unlimited range of non-slip shower trays you can be assured of an anti-slip shower tray to suit your needs.

We supply some of the biggest names on the market in non-slip shower trays, such as Mira and Just-Trays who manufacturer their own trays.  However, we have a team of specialists on site at our factory in Kent who can treat and coat your new shower tray with a textured non-slip finish identical to the more expensive manufacturers.

We only use a patented anti-slip finish which conforms to BS7976-2 2002, DIN 51097 and has a Class C slip rating.

All of our products listed on our website can be anti-slip treated – just selected the anti-slip finish on the product page.

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